Monika Nagy
Monika Nagy is one of only 130 Certified Credit Analysts in the US, former professor and the author of the amazing new book, “Give Yourself
the Credit You Deserve”. This book teaches you how to improve your credit score or how to keep your credit score high in today’s volatile
economy. Monika has been interviewed by
Daily Buzz morning TV Show, Money, The Christian Science Monitor, Atlanta Parent and
featured on Radio Shows all over the country, like "
The Rich Roffman Show" in Miami and WFAN New York.
Raising Money-Smart Kids
The Daily Buzz Interview
Santa on a Budget
We increased our clients' credit score by 40-200 points*
in 45-90 days by following a few simple steps


A credit expert will go over your Credit Report pointing out the actions and changes
that will improve your score

Analysis, Optimization

A Credit Report has hundreds of components.  Our job is to analyze whether or not
all known needed components currently appear on your report.  We identify the
damaging components and make a plan to optimize and rectify.


We identify damaging codes and find mistakes made by clients and creditors that
cause undue damage to credit scores.  We find the legal way to rectify those
misunderstandings with the original creditors without causing any new credit damage.  
We have trained negotiators who understand every part of the law and achieve
fantastic results.
*Results depend on individual circumstances
Monika Ecsedy Nagy
ertified Credit Analyst


Credit Optimization for Today's Professionals